Our Staff

Our mission is to raise the next generation of ‘Happy Frum Girls’ and we take our fun very seriously. Our staff is warm and always available for their campers. From the top down, every single staff member in Camp Raninu is concerned for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of each and every camper. Our staff includes a separate program director and a separate head counselor for Raninu and for Rinaseparate division heads for each age group in Raninu, separate teen supervisors for the Rina division, a large group of specialty staff and of course, the best counselors and junior counselors on the planet.  The directors, Rabbi and Mrs. Klein (that’s them on the right) are always on camp grounds and take a pro active role in guaranteeing that your daughter’s summer experience will be perfect. They are always available to address any concerns that parents may have.

Most of our staff members are Rina grads. Having these amazing young ladies act as the camper’s leaders and role models places your daughter(s) in a great position to learn and grow. Who better to learn from than staff members who themselves have been part of the incredible Raninu and Rina experience? We also have a dedicated and caring ‘Staff Mommy’ who provides the staff with constant support and guidance to help bring out the best in the staff. A happy staff equals happy campers.

Raninu’s married staff is spectacular. In addition to a full time camp mother and a full time registered nurse, we have over 20 married staff families on premises at all times.These women are upbeat, happy mechanchos who are always approachable and available to help make a camper’s summer the best it can be. They are excited to welcome new and returning campers into the Raninu family and are always on the lookout to shep nachas from any camper’s accomplishments. There is no ‘stand-offness’ amongst Raninu’s staff and the campers feel safe and secure knowing that there are so many mature and responsible hands on deck to make them feel that Raninu is their home away from home.

            Head Staff For 2018


Rabbi Mordechai Fine         Camp Rov


Rabbi and Mrs. Klein            Directors                                                          


Mrs. Rifky Glieberman         Raninu Program Director


Mrs. Russy Newman             Rina Program Director


Mrs. Gitty Schwartz              Camp Mother


Mrs. Basyah Weinreb           Nurse


Mrs. Tzippy Gottlieb             Staff Mommy and Head of Maintenance


Mrs. C.B. Goldfein                  Cook


Mrs. Talia Yaakov                   Raninu Head Counselor


Mrs, Raizel Zweig                   Assistant Rina Director


Mrs. Batya Augunbrun        Sports


Mrs. Shuli Ben Gui Gui        Shiur 


Ms. Shira Chatzinoff            Everything


Mrs. Malky Deutsch              Ropes Course


Mrs. Chaye Biderman          Arts & Crafts


Mrs. Rivky Freedman           Lakefront 


Mrs. Nechama Hellmann   Office Manager


Mrs. Rifka Jaroslawicz        Set Design ‘J’ Crew


Rabbi M. Jaroslwicz             Camp Driver & EMT


Mrs. Chaya Sarah  Levitz    Head Lifeguard


Mrs. Debbie Loebenberg   Gourmet Kitchen & Baking


Mrs. Chavi Stern                    Day Camp


Mrs. Tzivi Trepp                     Drama

For More Information:
973-778-5973 | campraninu@gmail.com

Winter address: 146 Pennington Ave Passaic NJ 07055
Summer Address: 62 Raninu Rd Honesdale PA 18431
Phone: 570-253-0500

For more than 20 years, we’ve been putting the RARA in thousands of Bais Yaakov girls around the world! Raninu provides girls with the greatest summer experience in a safe, warm and exciting Torah environment. Join the Raninu family and find out why there truly 'ain’t no place like Raninu!'