About Camp Raninu

There is no question that camp plays a prominent role in the development of today’s Bais Yaakov girl. Living Torah for two months in a happy, upbeat and positive sevivah while being cared for in a safe and warm environment is more crucial for today’s frum girl than ever before. Many kids live for camp and it is camp that helps them get through their year.

Created in 1998, Raninu has become the Bais Yaakov Camp that is known for doing everything at 110%. This commitment starts with its directors, Rabbi and Mrs. Klein. There is nothing The Kleins, and by extension, the entire Raninu staff, will not do to make sure each and every girl is well cared for in an amazingly positive frum, yet fun environment. Camp Raninu’s staff works hard to nurture and cultivate every girl’s individual kochos. We love watching our campers and staff thrive in the non-pressured, positive environment we provide in Raninu.

For More Information:
973-778-5973  campraninu@gmail.com

Winter Address: 146 Pennington Ave Passaic NJ 07055
Summer Address: 62 Raninu Rd Honesdale PA 18431
Phone: 570-253-0500

For over a quarter of a century, we’ve been putting the RARA in thousands of Bais Yaakov girls around the world! Raninu provides girls with the greatest summer experience in a safe, warm and exciting Torah environment. Join the Raninu family and find out why there truly 'ain’t no place like Raninu!'