Rina Division

Rina is Camp Raninu’s teen division for girls entering grades 10 & 11. Rina girls get to hit the road, going on approximately two trips a week. Their programming day is definitely the zaniest and craziest in camp. The girls never know what’s going to happen and when it will happen. Davening and banana boating at Vasikin, anyone? Perfect for teenagers, no?  But Rina is so much more. Our incredible program director really ‘gets’ today’s teenage girls and fills them with a genuine sense of pride in being part of Rina’s frum but fun atmosphere.  Guiding the girls into making their own positive choices rather than forcing them to do so is our philosophy.  The Rina experience infuses the girls with an everlasting appreciation of real, happy yiddishkeit plus a healthy does of self-esteem. Watching these teenage girls flourish in Rina’s 2 year program is breathtaking and gives us a feeling you can’t describe..  Rina is the wackiest yet possibly the most important part of a Raninu girl’s experience.

For More Information:
973-778-5973  campraninu@gmail.com

Winter Address: 146 Pennington Ave Passaic NJ 07055
Summer Address: 62 Raninu Rd Honesdale PA 18431
Phone: 570-253-0500

For over a quarter of a century, we’ve been putting the RARA in thousands of Bais Yaakov girls around the world! Raninu provides girls with the greatest summer experience in a safe, warm and exciting Torah environment. Join the Raninu family and find out why there truly 'ain’t no place like Raninu!'