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This being my first experience in Raninu, I was a little apprehensive about coming here. A couple of days in Raninu cured me of this however, and I am very appreciative for the fun and comfortable experience I had here. By comfortable I mean that the head staff are kind and genuine and really work hard to create a warm atmosphere. Thank you very much for making Camp Raninu the place that it is.
-C.W. Florida

I am writing this letter to express my hakaras hatov toward Rabbi and Mrs. Klein. Your devotion to the camp and most of all to each camper is undeniable. In Raninu and Rina I found myself. I was given the opportunity to express myself and to become confident in who I am. I Baruch Hashem had and I’YH will keep having the privilege to have been able to experience 5 summers with Camp Raninu. In these 5 years I really grew tremendously. There’s so much I want to say but really no words can express my Hakaras Hatov. I I’YH want to come back as staff and hope I could give off to the camp everything plus more that I’ve experienced. May you keep seeing such beautiful Nachas from every girl.
-L.K. Brooklyn

We would just like to thank you for giving our daughter such a wonderful time at camp this summer. It’s already 2 months since she came home from camp and she’s still telling camp stories, still singing camp songs, and still wearing that purple sweatshirt! We are so glad that her first sleepaway camp experience was such a fun and wholesome one.
-C.N. Far Rockaway

Thanks for the most amazing summer ever!!! Can’t wait to come back next year I’YH as staff!!!! Don’t worry, I’ll still be your favorite camper even though I’m staff! Hope to be in Raninu B’yerushlayim.
-F.D. Monsey

Every year as the summer draws to a close, I wonder how this one could have topped the last, and yet somehow it does! We can’t thank you enough for another amazing summer! Your generosity and professionalism is evident in everything you do. You don’t skimp on anything. We appreciate your constant hard work on our behalf and your involvement with everything on a day to day basis. As a result, our children have benefitted greatly and for this we are most grateful. They will surely cherish their fond memories.
-C.N. Los Angeles

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of being part of the Camp Raninu family. It is a wonderful, wholesome, growth-oriented place. Your compliments and kind words, as well as your friendliness, motivated me to give my job my all. You believed in me and made me believe in myself. My work inspired me to grow and for that I thank you. I thank you as well for the lessons you taught by example; of caring for each individual, of paying attention to detail, of being devoted to something 25/8, of appreciation, of organization, of concern, interest and devotion to each and every person. I really enjoyed my summer in Camp Raninu. I am going to miss it!
-D.K. Detroit

As I pack my bags and say my final goodbyes. I cannot help but express my heartfelt appreciation to the founders of this amazing place. I know how much work went into these two months. I’m sure that many nights and days of effort it took to run these 8 weeks. Even from being a simple Chalil girl, I can realize the amazing things you do. Tears stream down my face as I write this letter. I’ve never felt such a special connection to every girl and staff member anywhere but here. It’s amazing to watch the most obligated and pressured people have to do everything with a smile and caring manner. As true role models, you do an amazing job. I’m walking out of this place with an overload of inspiration to last me through the year. The credit goes all to you. This letter really can’t fully show my heartfelt thanks because all the pen and paper can’t. Thanks again for everything and anything.
-A.Z. Chicago

I don’t know why I have waited this long to thank you. With this being my 9th summer in camp, I fully feel a part of the Raninu family. I am proud of this camp that I belong to, and I am amazed at the things that you both do to make sure that the campers are happy. Mrs. Klein, first half you spent your free time schmoozing with one of my campers whenever she felt like it. You took a massive burden off mine and my co’s shoulders. Rabbi Klein, every detail of this camp makes the camp what it is. The workshops given for the staff were amazing and I loved getting new information to try out. Every girl in the camp feels taken care of, and it is because of the two of you! I always feel like what I say matters to you and I thank you so much for that. You both are such positive role models for me and for the campers, and the way you bring up your children is just amazing. Thank you again for another amazing summer.
-R. T. Baltimore 

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Summer Address: 62 Raninu Rd Honesdale PA 18431
Phone: 570-253-0500

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